Got more than 20 employees? We have got a simple and affordable premium plan for your organization

Features Free Premium
Max Employees 20 Unlimited
Add/View Departments
Add/Edit/View Employees
Manage Designation
Employee Directory
Employee Bulk Upload
User Profile Report Generation
Terminate Job
Manage/Assign Rating Factors
View Rating Factor Assignments
Manage Rating Values
Assign/View Performance Rating
Manage Salary Structure Types
Assign/View Salary Structure Type
Define Salary Structure
View Salary Components
Manage Employee Salary
Define Salary - Bulk Upload
Pay Salaries
Pay Salaries - Bulk Upload
Add/View Incentives
Add Incentive - Bulk Upload
Pay Miscellaneous
Pay Miscellaneous - Bulk Upload
Past Miscellaneous Payments
Salary Reports
Leave Types
Leave Period
Work Week
No Leave Dates
Add/View Leave Entitlements
Define/View Leave Rules
Assign Leave
Leave List
Email Subscriptions
Leave Reports
On Leave Today
Manager Approval History
Leave Allowance Report
Company Information
Custom User Profile Fields
Manage Documents
Manage Roles
Company Settings
Activity Log
Attendance Report
Attendance Report Upload
Create/Manage Events
Flat Price Per Month Free $25
Per Employee Per Month Price 0 $2