HRMwithPayroll has all the essential features

HRMwithPayroll is feature rich. It’s a system that HR management and staff will actually use for saving enormous amounts of times.

Centralized Employee Data

Department management

  •  Store and analyze information for different departments
  •  Manage each department separately
  •  Add Department
  •  View Departments

Employees management

  •  Manage the designations of employees
  •  Add new employees to the record
  •  View the list of all employees
  •  Download employee data in CSV format
  •  Create or update bulk record
  •  Generate reports for selected criteria in a sorted manner

Steer your crew to glory

Use a single platform for various HR tasks from adding a new employee to delivering salaries and monitoring employee performance.

Salary Management

Salary Management

  •  Manage Salary structures
  •  Manage Employee Salary
  •  Pay Salaries
  •  Pay Salaries - Bulk Upload
  •  Manage Incentives
  •  View salary reports
  •  View and download salary slip
Performance Rating

Manage Performance Rating

  •  Manage Rating Factors
  •  Manage Rating Values
  •  Assign rating factors to employees
  •  View rating factor assignments
  •  Assign Performance Rating
  •  View Overall Annual Performance Rating

Uncover the true Power

You can set free the true value of your employees and increase their efficiency for better ROI. Enhance the employee experience by creating an engaging and cheerful environment.

Leave Management

Leave management

Attendance Management

Attendance management

Unique Features


This is HRMwithPayroll's unique feature that allows admin to create and schedule events. Admin can send invitations to employees right from the HRMwithPayroll interface.


Admin can create documents and can share to one or more than one employees. Admin can get documents e-signed by employees.

Company Settings

Here, admin can change plan anytime, create custom user profile fields, can create new roles.

For small organizations having max 20 employees, HRMwithPayroll is available for free. We have suitable plans for larger businesses too available at competitive prices.

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